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An obsessively tagged gathering place for mostly magical girl, harem, JRPG, and yuri art.

This blog is about great games, anime, and art. THIS IS A SHIPPER FREE ZONE. I will post whatever I think is pretty, regardless of pairing. All pairings are tagged with "x". Sorry, I'm not going to look up every ship name.

Nothing posted or rebloged without a source. Please leave sources intact. If I have posted something of yours and you would like it removed, feel free to message me.

NOTE: This is a side blog. Sorry!
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why is the bad girl in high school movies always the popular preppy cheerleader why cant we have a movie where the villain is the nerdy girl who thinks shes superior to everyone else because she watches doctor who and drinks tea and is “not like other girls”


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My brother is over today. He took me to Waffle House and now we’re burning music, watching David Bowie video, then watching Monty Python. I’ve trained him well.

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